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Adopting a Boxer

Thank you for your interest! The steps for adopting a BSRO Boxer are:

Complete the adoption application.
We check with your veterinary references.
We will contact you for a phone interview.
We will arrange to visit your home.
You will sign an adoption contract and pay the adoption fee.

Please read the following information carefully before completing an adoption application:

In order to be considered for one of our rescue dogs, you MUST complete an adoption application.  For our Boxers, we use the adoption application of our “parent” group, Midwest Boxer Rescues.  The adoption application may be found under the “Applications/Forms” tab here on our website, or here: Boxer Adoption App.  The Boxer adoption application form link is located once more at the bottom of this information page.  We ask that you provide as much information as possible about your family, lifestyle, previous dog experience, and your needs.  Please answer each question carefully and as completely as possible. Incomplete applications will not be considered. We reserve the right to refuse any applicant for any reason and reserve the right to inspect the prospective home environment both before and after adoption. We also may contact your personal and veterinary references prior to conducting the home visit. Furthermore, if we discover that any information on this adoption application was knowingly falsified, we reserve the right to take the dog back into our possession after adoption.

It is our policy to place Boxers of opposite sexes together.  If you have a female Boxer, we would adopt a male to you, and vice-versa.  If you already have a male AND a female, we will have to determine which dog might fit with the existing pack.  All dogs adopted from us will be spayed or neutered prior to being placed in a home.  Please remember that the Boxer is a high-energy, people-oriented dog that requires a great deal of exercise and human companionship. Plus, all dogs with short muzzles cannot tolerate extremes in temperature; therefore, our Boxers are only adopted as house dogs. If you want a dog that does not require a lot of your time and attention, you probably need to look for a different breed.

We may have more than one approved applicant that is interested in a certain dog.  We place our dogs in a best-fit situation and do our best to match each of our dogs with the best possible home from our pool of applicants.  We encourage you to not necessarily focus on adopting one particular dog but to let us help find the right fit for you and for our dogs.  That’s not to say that the dog whose photo you “fell in love with” won’t ultimately be the right dog for you — it’s just saying that we are not a first-come, first-served operation. You may have a perfect home for one dog but not another.  We ask you to be open-minded.  The dogs in our program have already been displaced at least once in their lives, and we strive to never let that happen again.  Our foster homes know the specific needs of their foster dogs, and their input helps guide us to making the right “match”.

More information on our Boxer adoption policies may be found on the Midwest Boxer Rescues site, here: Midwest Boxer Rescues’ Policies

Veterinary References
A vet reference check will be conducted as part of your application review to ensure that you have been a responsible pet owner in the past.  If you have never owned a dog before, we may ask you to provide personal references, as well as the name and number of the vet you plan to use.

Telephone Interview
Following review of your application, one of our volunteers will contact you to conduct a telephone interview.  This step allows us to get to know you better and provides you with an opportunity to ask lots of questions!  From there, we set up a time for a home visit.

Home Visit
Our home visits are designed to get to know you and your family. These visits help us determine how a dog will fit into your routine, and which type of dog would best match your lifestyle. This also gives you a chance to meet us! We are sure you will find our volunteers warm, wonderful and very helpful! We look forward to meeting you! ALL family members MUST be in attendance for the Home Visit.

Committee Review
Finally, all information about your family – application, vet reference, telephone interview, and home visit report – are reviewed.   If we feel we have a match for you, the Adoption Coordinator will contact you to discuss which dog is the best match for your family.  We will arrange a meeting with your family and that dog.  You must be willing to travel and meet the potential new dog, and existing pets in the home must accompany you to the meeting.

Our process is thorough and can take some time.  If you are looking to adopt a dog immediately, we may not be the best option for you.  It is always difficult to predict how long it will take before a match is found.  The time frame is dependent upon several factors – the criteria for the best match for your family (experienced applicants who are willing and able to take on a dog with a variety of needs may find a match more quickly), our pool of available dogs, and scheduling.   We are all volunteers who donate most of our “spare” time to this work and must work around other commitments.  We do our best to move applicants through our process in a timely fashion.  Some adoptions can take weeks, while others can happen as quickly as several days.  Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated!

We are committed to our dogs before, during, and after adoption.  We provide ongoing support to our adopters.  Our goal is to find and help foster permanent loving relationships for each dog we bring into rescue.  If there are issues after adoption, we work with our adopters to resolve those issues.  We do the best we can to learn as much about our dogs as possible, but can never predict with 100% certainty how a dog will evolve within a home.  There are many factors at play in establishing relationships between dog and family. We do all we can to support the process and educate adopters as needed.  In the event that a match does not work out, we welcome that dog back into rescue and find a more suitable home.

About Adoption Fees

Adoption fees are a normal part of any adoption process; they help to ensure that the animal is going to a home that truly wants and can support the animal, and we use the collected money to help more dogs like yours!

Adoption Fees

As of July 2018, our Boxer adoption fees are typically: under a year-$300, 1-6 years old- $250, 7 and old $150.